Collection: " Inspiration For The Dead "

Beauty in sight 
Feelings so right 
The dead will wake 
The earth will quake 
Growth from a shadowy mistake 

Original Artwork and Poetry By Jen Shearer

This poem is inspired by the beauty in the night.. The sun is setting and dyeing into the night.. Yet when the sun dies.. It cast this beautiful bright colors.. Which are breathtaking.. The dark mountain on the left showing the shadow.. Bringing justice and equality to such great beauty.... The dead will awake. The night life is stirred and shadows have been cast. The dark side has come..The earth will quake.. The earth is going through a great change from day to night. This piece is geared to those who feel sometimes hurt in their life.. Or going through a rough time. This is inspiration for the dead inside. Inspiration towards the light.. Even in the darkest of places may there be light and hope.